How to Help

Imagine getting children (even struggling readers) to enthusiastically read independently. Imagine motivating children to read multiple books. Imagine children working together to collaboratively compete academically. Imagine creating better readers who have a lifelong love of reading.

Your donation to the Philadelphia Reading Olympics can help make these images a reality!

Studies show that children who read independently have greater academic success. Of course it takes a great deal of work and dedication to make the Reading Olympics happen. Your contribution will help us meet our goals of creating lifelong readers and teaching them collaborative skills to prepare students for the working world.

To make an on-line donation to the Reading Olympics please click on: This link leads to our financial partner, PHILADELPHIA READS. When you click on the “Donate” link on the page, please specify that your donation is for the Philadelphia Reading Olympics.

We are also in need of in-kind donations including food for our volunteers, snacks for our participating students, and gifts for our teacher coaches. If you are interested in supporting the Philadelphia Reading Olympics through in-kind donations, please email Philadelphia Reads,, or call 215-279-7450.